CCTV live view

The Importance of CCTV

Have you heard or have been advised to invest in a CCTV system? Take a minute to examine what a CCTV system is and how it would be relevant to your home or business security system.

What is CCTV? It is a privately monitored TV system, primarily used for security and surveillance. The strategically placed cameras are used to view areas of your home and business. CCTV systems have the ability to transmit not only video but audio to the closed circuit systems.

Remember the days of the friendly neighbour who would watch your home when you and your family were away? What about the days of the neighbourhood watch? There was also a time when these systems were primarily installed at banks, grocery stores, and high traffic public areas. Well, those days are now a distant memory. Nowadays, people are going technical regarding security, and CCTV systems are everywhere and are an excellent addition to your current security measures.

Why do I need a CCTV System?

There are quite a few reasons why home and business owners should make the investment in a CCTV system.

Deter would-be criminals. The sight of cameras on your property will make a burglar and vandals think twice about breaking in or vandalizing your home or business. Homes and small businesses are prime targets when it comes to crime; due to their lack of or limited security. Hidden cameras are an excellent way to aid in the capture and convict these opportunists.

Strengthen current security measures. At this time you more than likely have security measures in place. Whether it involves an intruder alarm system, a gate system or guards that secure your business. The investment in a CCTV system adds to your protection. You have the ability to monitor and record video of your home or business when you are away remotely. You have the power to contact the authorities of any suspicious behaviour from anywhere.

Protect your business internally. Keep your employees honest, monitor all their comings and goings. Lower the risk of workplace theft and bullying. Employees that are aware they are under surveillance tend to stay honest and adhere close to company guidelines. Mainly, CCTV systems become the eyes of management allowing them to monitor what goes on inside and outside of the business. Surveillance cameras in the workplace will serve as a source of protection as well as help in convicting criminals.

Inexpensive and easy to use. Cameras are available in different shapes, sizes and contain many different features. Most consumers choose to hire a security company to install their CCTV system. Although, there are different types of self- install CCTV systems available. Be sure you choose the best areas and install your cameras properly. You may also consider networking the CCTV system with your current intruder alarm system. 

Why not create a sense of safety and protection for your family and employees. Secure your livelihood by investing in a CCTV system. Call Servian today! The experts are waiting to answer all of your questions.