Automated Gate FAQs

I already have gates, can I automate them?

Yes, we can add automation features to most gates providing they are in good condition and the structure is strong enough to cope with the automation equipment. Our technicians will carry out a full inspection of the site before starting work and make any recommendations where needed.

Is a sliding or swing gate better?

Both types of gates work for different situations. We recommend a sliding gate where space is limited. Swing gates also work well if you have the necessary room and entrance to the property.

How are the gates opened?

We have various options for controlling your automated gates. Remote controls are common and can be used from a vehicle before entering or leaving the property. We can also programme keypads, video/audio entry and proximity devices which will open and close when you are near the gates, should they be more convenient for you. Control functions can be tailored to your needs and modified even after your gates have been installed.

Can I open the gates manually?

All gates have a manual release mechanism. Using this will allow you to open or close the gates without damaging the motor. This is ideal when there is a power cut in your area.

How is access to the property given?

There are times where you may want to let people in such as food delivery, postman, tradesman, gardeners etc. There is some flexibility there with timed options that allow access with a code at predetermined times. Our technicians can discuss your individual requirements and get your system working exactly the way you need it to.

Can I have multiple controllers?

Yes, we can programme more than one remote to control your gates. Ideal when you need to share access with multiple occupants of the property.

How are gates serviced?

Due to having a motor with moving parts, gates need ongoing maintenance. Our technicians will inform you of the service requirements of each system before installation. We can also carry out one-off maintenance on existing gates.

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