Automatic Barriers Installation in Hampshire

A very common sight that you will see when you visit large businesses, properties, residential complexes or multi-storey car parks are automatic traffic barriers or car park barrier installations. Automatic barriers have a very important function and are designed to regulate and control the number of vehicles that are entering and leaving the particular property. They can also be very useful for managing the flow of traffic and parking in busy areas.

If a business has plenty of vehicular traffic coming and going from the premises or if there is a need for increased security, then automatic traffic barriers are very beneficial. Automatic traffic barriers are fairly inexpensive to install, they are extremely efficient in their working and are reliable too and in the process, these barriers can help a business to save quite a bit of effort, time and money. Installing automatic barriers can have many benefits.

Benefits of Automatic Barriers


Another advantage of automatic barriers is that they are good for security purposes. If you do not want any unwanted vehicles to have access to your property, automatic barriers are a great way to keep them out. Since automatic traffic barriers force a person in a vehicle to stop at the barrier before entering or exiting the property, security checks can be carried out remotely via CCTV or in person. An automatic barrier can help to ensure that the property is not a target for theft, anti-social behavior or any acts of terrorism, as it restricts unauthorized entry.

Preventing Abuse of Parking

If your property has a large car park, it is a common occurrence to have people parking there and abusing the parking without any intention of using your business. Instead of trying to find a parking space or paying a parking ticket, they would rather park on your property, finish running their errands and leave, which prevents people who want to use your business from having access to it.

This can be prevented by installing automatic barriers, which can help to ensure that people don’t abuse the car parking space and park illegally or use it as a space for turning, which is quite annoying. Installing automatic barriers can also help authorised people to find spots to park more easily. This can also eliminate the need to employ parking attendants to patrol the area, which can help to save costs.

Automatic barriers offer versatility and flexibility and can be programmed according to your specific requirements. Not only are automatic barriers useful for public car parks or buildings, they can be of great advantage to private businesses, landowners and even big residential properties. Today, automatic barriers can be used almost anywhere, it’s a useful addition to any property to add an additional layer of security.

As Servian are members of dhf and registered with Gate Safe, we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service. We supply, install and maintain automated barriers for commercial premises in Portsmouth, Southampton and other cities within Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex.

Overview of Barriers

  • We have a range of reliable and resilient barriers available.
  • Suitable for both high use car parks.
  • Economical models for small sites.
  • Barriers are available with beam lengths from 2 to 8 metres.
  • Barriers add security, convenience and safety.
  • Automatic barriers can be opened remotely adding to convenience

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