Electric Gates in Winchester

In recent years, automated gates have begun to become a viable option for security. Many residential areas now have them.

There are different types of electric gates in the market. All of them are powered by different kinds of motors. If you don’t know exactly which motor is the best for your needs, we are just a few mouse clicks away.

If you are new to this, we're on hand to help

Here is some information which will be helpful before you pick a gate.

How Your Gates Will be Used

The first thing you need to determine is how much the gates are used. Typically, they may be used once in the morning when everyone is going out for school or work and once in the evening when everyone returns. There will be a couple of other times when running errands or receiving and seeing guests off and such. All electric gates work on motors that determine their functionality. So depending on how often and how much you use them, you must pick a gate and its corresponding motor.

What you want the electric gates for also determines the material. Do you want heavy-wrought iron gates or something lighter and cheaper?

Who will use the gates

If you’re installing one at your home, your family members are probably the only folks who need to know how it works. Your installer must tell you about the safety features. Children and pets, of course, should not have access to the workings of it. They are operated by remote control or a keypad or an intercom that must stay out of the reach of children. Those who don’t live with you must ideally not have the controllers. But if they do, they must be a part of the safety training. You must also think about what to do with deliveries and service suppliers. The last leg, of course, is to think about entry for emergency services. In case something goes wrong, they must be able to enter the premises.

How Much Space Can You Spare?

The type of gate you choose depends on the space you have at your gate. Swing gates need an arc to open and close. Sliding gates need width. Bi-fold gates need half the space that swing gates do. But they need ground tracks that need to be cleaned regularly. Also, obstacles in the area like plants or stairs will have to be removed. For limited spaces, you can try telescopic gates which expand into sections to save space.

What Materials to Consider for Your Gates?

The material of the gate has a lot of bearing on aesthetics, budget and safety. So this is a crucial part.

Wooden gates come from long sections of wood that are bonded together with nails. This looks good and comes with no gaps. They have a retro look and feel too. Iron and/or steel can be heavy but they can be welded into shapes making them exclusive. These can be ornate and the budget is flexible depending on how far you go. Aluminium metal gates will save you from rust and corrosion. It is light, strong and durable. These gates can also come with a coating to give them the look of a wooden gate.

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