Automated Gates for Commercial Properties

Do you need an added layer of security for your business?

Maybe you want to protect your assets from burglary or vandalism. Commercial automated gates is a sound security investment. Servian Fire and Security Services specialize in automatic gates and barriers. Servian is a trusted company that will meet all of your security needs.

Automated gate systems open and close automatically with the use of electricity. They are equipped with sensors to determine when a vehicle is or a pedestrian is in range. It is wise for any commercial or industrial company to use automatic gates as a safety measure. There are many different varieties of automated gates. Although, the range of gate systems is extensive, choose a system that best fit your needs.

Modern Automated Gate Systems

Once you have determined your dimensions for a single or extensive gate system, the next step is to choose the style of the gate that will work best for you.

Cantilever Slide Gate – Gates that require cantilever rollers, tracks, and trolleys.

Fortress Slide Gate – Cantilever chain link gate that is optimal for 30 to 60-foot dimensions.

Fortress Ornamental Slide Gate – Similar to the Fortress Slide Gate with added ornamental design.

Slide gates - Known to be the best option for busy commercial properties. Operators for sliding gate systems have the capability of moving 2,200kg gates. The added automation of sliding gates ensures security, safety, and convenience due to remote opening mechanisms.

Swing Gates - These open inward and outward direction and has a self-closing mechanism. These gates are typical remote controlled. Swing gates are suited for pedestrian and low traffic properties. The are many benefits of installing a swing gate system.

  • Suited for a wide variety of automation options.
  • Acceptable for heavy duty gates up to 7m per leaf.
  • Available as electro-mechanical or hydraulic.
  • Available in multiple designs.
  • Swing gates satisfy high and low-security needs. Businesses of all sizes appreciate the versatility of swing gates.

Aluminium gates

A Barrier Gate is a gate pivoted to block vehicular access to a controlled area. You will find this type of barrier gate system at level crossings, checkpoints, and restricted areas. There are manual and automatic barrier gates. Listed are reasons to choose barrier gates.

  • Convenient push button or remote control access.
  • Available in any length.
  • Versatile enough to suit all security needs.
  • You may feel a swing or sliding gate system is not a necessary security requirement. Barrier, gates are acceptable for small to medium sized commercial businesses.

Carefully weigh your options, whether you are replacing an old gate or purchasing a new automated gate system. When in doubt guided support is the best. Servian will recommend the best gate to fit your unique installation needs.

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