Automatic Swing Gates in Hampshire

If you have swing gates installed on your property, you could consider installing electric gate automation. Getting out of your car each time to open and close the gate can be quite inconvenient and cumbersome. Automating the operation of your gate can make things extremely easy and convenient for you to enter and exit your property, without you having to open and close it physically every time.

You can make your property even more secure by programming the gates in such a way that they open or close at pre-designated times. Automatic gate openers offer plenty of benefits and are a great automatic addition for your gates.

How Do Automatic Swing Gates Work?

The automatic swing gate opener works very much like a garage door opener. Automatic swing gates use an electronic device that allows the opening and closing of the gates.

When an electric signal produced by the remote control or transmitter in your vehicle is received by the receiver box that is mounted near the gate, the signal is carried by the receiver to the control box which activates a circuit that causes the gate opener arm to move - causing the gate to open and swing inwards, allowing the vehicle(s) to enter.

You can either close the gate by pressing the remote-control button again or set the gate to close after a certain period of time. The control box can have a battery back-up, in case of a power cut. Some models also use solar power to operate the automatic gate opener.

Advantages of Automatic Swing Gates


The biggest plus of an automatic gate opener is that it offers an extremely convenient way to open and close your swing gates, especially if you don’t want to do it manually, late at night or if it’s raining. Once you enter your property, the gates will close automatically, so you don’t have to worry about shutting and locking the gates once you enter.


Automated swing gates are equipped with features that improve security, such as automatic locks which help protect your property.

Increases Property Value

Installing automatic swing gates can help to increase the value of the property, as automated gates not only make the property look more aesthetically good, but also gives it a high-status. Potential buyers would pay more for a property with an artistic automated swing gate rather than a property with a rundown old gate or fence.

Safety for Your Family

Automatic swing gates are a great way to ensure your kids and pets are safe on your property. You can have peace of mind when your children are playing in the front yard or lawn without you worrying about the traffic or strangers. Your pets can also run around the property safely without you being worried that they will run out. Additionally, the automatic swing gates will also deter any other animals from entering your property.

Overall, automatic swing gates are an extremely valuable option, especially for residential properties. Not only are they beneficial to keep the property and the residents safe, but they offer great convenience too.

We supply, install and maintain swinging and sliding gates to commercial businesses and homes in all of Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton. We also carry out work at commercial and residential premises in Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex. As registered members of dhf and Gate Safe, our engineers know the latest legislation and put a priority on safety and compliance.

Overview of Swinging Gates

  • A wide variety of swing gates automation systems, available as electro-mechanical or hydraulic.
  • The perfect solution for electric swing gates.
  • Suited to small pedestrian gates.
  • Suited for commercial, heavy-duty applications on gates up to 7m per leaf.
  • Swing Gate automation adds security, convenience and safety.
    Automatic gates can be opened remotely adding to convenience.

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