Automated Wooden Gates in Hampshire

Wooden gates are sophisticated, elegant and can really elevate the look of the entire space, wherever you choose to install them; additionally, they can even be automated, leading to a range of benefits.

Wooden Gates - What You Should Know

First and foremost, you should know that wooden gates can either be softwood or hardwood (though the name is no indication of their actual softness or hardness); Cedar and Scandinavian Redwood are the preferred choices in the case of the former, whereas wood such Oak, Teak and Iroko are the favourites in the case of the latter. Of course, both come with their own pros and cons.

Hardwood Gates

Hardwood gates are generally made from deciduous trees, characterised by their broad leaves and shedding every Autumn. Typical examples of hardwood include iroko, maple, oak, walnut, teak, ash, birch, mahogany and beech.

Generally, most manufacturers prefer to use hardwood such as iroko (also referred to as “African oak”), sapele and idigbo due to their beautiful golden-yellow to medium-brown colour tone that only darkens with time. This results in a finish that only gets more beautiful with time, as opposed to degrading. Additionally, they’re less expensive than wood such as oak and mahogany with the same amount of durability and toughness, making them a perfect option for external gates.

All hardwood is kiln dried, making them extremely durable and decay resistant; however, do know that some woods like iroko are prone to watermarks and turning silver, to prevent which the wood has to undergo treatment.

Softwood Gates

Made from coniferous or evergreen trees, characterised by year-round cones and needles, softwood gates are more economical than hardwood gates, but less durable. Softwood gates are generally made from gymnosperms such as cypress, pine, spruce, fir and cedar.

The most popular softwood option, though, is Scandinavian redwood; this slow-grown wood comes in an elegant creamy white colour with the slightest hint of yellow and sometimes, red. Like hardwood gates, softwood gates are also given to silvering and require regular treatment to keep this in check.

The Advantages of Wooden Gates

Wooden gates come with the timeless beauty and elegance that is often absent in metal gates. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional look or a modern finish to your driveway, house, or garden, wooden gates are the ideal option. They only tend to look better as they age.

Additionally, being a natural material, no wood is “perfect”; all wood is given to imperfections, but these imperfections only enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the material. Therefore, all wooden gates are unique and no two wooden gates can look exactly the same. Wooden gates are also extremely durable and long-lasting.

Automated Gates

Since wood is a naturally heavy material, operating your gate can become tough and effort-consuming, especially for young children and the elderly in the family. In such cases, we can automate your wooden gate; in this way, you can still have that wooden gate with all the durability, elegance and privacy it offers minus the effort involved in operating it manually.

Additionally, you receive the following benefits with automated gates:

Since the controls to open and close the gate lie in your hand, you’re assured of safety and security, especially when children or pets are outdoors.

  • Automated gates are extremely convenient as you can open or close them from anywhere in the house or your car.
  • We can set up an intercom system (with audio and/or visual communication facilities) that helps you identify callers before letting them in, increasing security.
  • Now that we’ve explored the benefits of both wooden gates and automated gates, it only makes sense that the two together will present a world of convenience, functionality, durability and great looks.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Automated wooden gates require periodic maintenance, due to both the wood and the system.
  • Wooden gates are prone to warping; they naturally absorb water and hence, may require seasonal maintenance. Pre-treatment can solve this to a large extent.
  • Automated gates run on electrical power, which means that they’re also affected by any power surges or outages. We can ensure you always have a backup electricity source.

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