Access Control Systems in Southampton

Electronic systems that recognize, authenticate and authorise the entry of a person into any premises are known as access control systems. Access control essentially means restricting access to a specific area or a building electronically.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

The use of an access control system can have many benefits that we will discuss below.

Increased Safety

Installing an access control system allows you to increase the safety of employees while they are entering the building and it is more convenient too. Presenting a card of key fob to enter the premises is much quicker than using a key. Also, keys can be duplicated very easily; however, this is not as easy with access cards.

Preventing Entry of Strangers

When the business has a lot of employees, it can get quite difficult to recognize who is an employee of the company and who is not. An access control system allows you to restrict the entry of only authorised people into the business premises and it helps to prevent any strangers from slipping inside undetected. Different levels of access can also be granted to different people when necessary.

No More Hassles of Lost Keys

If the keys of the business are lost by an employee or when an employee leaves the organization and does not return their keys, each time making a new set of keys or changing the locks can be quite an expensive proposition and cumbersome too. However, with an access control system in place, you can simply delete the particular employee’s access card details from the system and whenever required, a new access card can be issued.

For instance, clinics, labs, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, etc. who have pharmaceutical drugs stored on the premises are at an increased risk of the drugs being stolen can protect the premises by using an access control system. An access control system allows you to keep track of the people entering and leaving the premises, as every entry and exit detail of each individual is logged by the system. You can track who and what time the person enters and leaves the premises.

Protecting Confidential Information

If a business has confidential documents or trade secrets and needs to ensure that only the employees with a specified level of clearance have access to the storage area where these sensitive documents are stored, the access control system can be used to limit the access to those areas. So, any business with secure data must consider protecting their information and premises with an access control system.

Reducing After-Shift Confusion

If an organization has several shifts and has large groups of employees entering and exiting the premises, installing an access control system can help to avoid after-shift chaos and help to organise the entry and exit of the workers.

Reducing Accidents and Thefts

Businesses can use the access control system to provide access to only specially trained or approved staff to certain authorised areas. For instance, a company may require limited access to the supply room, so that the supplies can be kept track of. Or, a company may require limited access to areas that store hazardous equipment or chemicals, to reduce the chance of any unauthorised or untrained person from being injured.

Controlling Multiple Access

Several businesses have offices located in multiple locations. Having an access control system not only allows the business to restrict the access of the employees who require entry into one building, it also provides access to those employees who require an entry to all the buildings.

Access control systems are used commonly by businesses; however, their use is not restricted only to business organisations, they have also found to be very useful for parking garages, college campuses, apartment complexes, community centers, etc. The use of an access control system can make life simpler and makes the protection of any large premises much easier.

Overview of Access Control Systems

Access control features:

  • Limits access to different areas of the building
  • Grants different security access levels
  • Allows access at designated times
  • Logs employee movement though the building
  • Let’s you know who is in or out of the building
  • Stops unauthorized personnel from entering key areas
  • Systems can be PC based allowing data to be viewed remotely

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