Automated & Manual Car Park Barriers

Are you looking to enhance the security of vehicles accessing your property? Is traffic management crucial to your business? Consider contacting Servian for Automated and Manual Car Park Barriers, they have a wide range of reliable and resilient barriers available.Automated and manual car park barriers are not only a good security investment, they are convenient to use in combination with other security measures or as a stand-alone. This article will assist you with choosing the perfect gate barrier solution. Here are a few of the different types of automated and manual car park barriers.

Keeper Rising Barrier

Rising barrier

The Keeper Rising Barrier is a manually operated barrier. It is available in two designs, one for 6 meters and lower and the second for over 6 meters. The keeper rising barrier is counterbalanced for easy operation and made of galvanized steel.

Automated Traffic Barrier

There are many different types of automated traffic barriers systems. The Automatic traffic barrier is efficient for medium to high traffic volumes.They are known for its versatility, swift operation with several beam lengths available.

Bollards as barriers and boundary markers.

Bollards are short posts used to guide traffic and to protect areas from unwanted vehicle intrusions. Bollards can be purchased with a versatile mounting system allowing them to be conveniently removed and relocated. These barriers can be bought in stylish designs and with decorative covers.

Remote opening for convenience.

Cut the costs of paying a gateman or security officer. No need to leave the comfort of the office. Automatic barriers can be opened remotely adding to the convenience of visitors, employees and business owners. Servian experts will help you choose from wired or wireless intercom systems, gate, and door openers, that can be controlled from the comfort of a computer or landline.

There are many security solutions you can choose for your car park security. Barriers add convenience and safety for small and large companies. Servian has a wide range of options for all of your business needs. For more advice about automatic and manual car park barriers contact the Servian experts. Automated and manual car park barriers is a smart and economical choice for security.