Videx door entry

VIDEX Door Entry System

Why choose a video door entry or video intercom system?

Video Door Entry/ Video Intercom is best defined as a stand-alone intercom system used to manage access to your home or business. The audiovisual control allows homeowners and employees to monitor access from the inside. You can communicate but also identify the visitor before granting access.

Door entry systems provide security to residents and business owners through caller verification. Speech based systems that can link multiple tower blocks into one centrally managed system are available. These speech based systems include the control of CCTV equipment. Servian specializes in installing VIDEX Door Entry Systems. Let’s take a closer look at VIDEX Door Entry Systems.

Who is VIDEX?

VIDEX has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of door entry systems since 1985. VIDEX also received the Secure by Design accreditation. VIDEX has a broad range of door entry systems to fit your home and business security needs. VIDEX is a brand that is known for providing the best door entry security options.

VIDEX Door Entry Systems

When seeking to install a VIDEX door entry system, you are choosing a top of the line door security solution. VIDEX Door Entry Kits are the perfect solution for home and business installation which includes coded and proximity access. Program your door entry systems to allow users repeated access to the premises. Proximity cards, fingerprint readers, and keypads installation for convenient access. VIDEX kits are available as video or audio; the systems come with different handset designs and can be Bluetooth enabled.

VIDEX Door Entry Panels

Door entry panels work best when installed near entrances and gateways. VIDEX door entry panels are compatible with all installations, technologies and weather conditions. They are also able to be customized and upgraded. There are several variations of the door entry panels. Look into installing cardholder enabled and panels with small touchscreens for those with disabilities. For the visually impaired there is the option for Braille near the pushbuttons. A synthesizer for voice commands and screen icon prompts are an ideal feature for the hearing impaired.

VIDEX Door Entry Audio/ Video Phones

VIDEX audio/ video phones are manufactured out of the best materials for a smooth finish and sleek design. They equip the panels with single or multi- button operation. Effortlessly, use the door open button to unlock entry ways and program the auxiliary button to control lighting or other locks. For added convenience use the VIDEX audio handsets to answer visitor calls from anywhere in your home or business. The small to medium intercom range can expand to accommodate multiple users and include added features such as coded access and proximity.

Choose the VIDEX GSM Intercom system to control door entry systems using a mobile or landline telephone; no cabling required. Beneficial for when entry panels are a long distance from residence or gate systems.

Video entry panels may include buttons to place video calls to homes or businesses. Once engaged the home or business will have the ability to capture the caller and the street scene. VIDEX video door entry systems will easily integrate with your existing access control systems. Video door system is installed in your existing panel to ensure previously authorized users continued access. VIDEX Audio/ Video door entry system is the best in its class. Contact Servian for in- depth knowledge and support with deciding the best VIDEX system for your home or business.