Automated Gates in Sussex

Advantages of Electric Gates

Automated electric gates have been able to successfully do that for a while now. In fact, they are more than just about security. They have a range of benefits beyond just security. For one, the amount of control it gives you over entry and exit is matched by no other mechanism.

Better Security

This, of course, is the biggest reason for anyone to install electric gates. It’s great for residential and commercial spaces where assets need physical barriers to security. These gates make it harder for intruders to break in and can also accommodate a few add-ons that serve as deterrents.

It is actually also really helpful the other way round. If you have children or pets, you can let them play outside without worrying about them accidentally or playfully leaving the premises. Electric gates are a nice way to keep intruders out and children and pets in.


Now, this is a fantastic feature if you think about it. No more getting out of the car to open and shut the gates upon getting home (or the office). You also don’t have to worry about remembering to lock up behind you. One remote is all it takes to solve that problem. The automation in these gates also allows for built-in motors and installation of wireless tech.

Aesthetic and Business Appeal

On the business end, electric gates add value to the place. They convince people that you are serious about security. This shows them that you mean business. It also increases the market value if you decide to pack up and leave.

Lower insurance

This is an interesting advantage. Some companies actually give you lower premiums if you have installed electric gates. Evidently, that is because your property is more secure and unlikely to face a break in.  This is a rather attractive incentive for businesses too.

How Does Automation of Gates Work?

If you see the benefit of electric gates and want to know where to begin, here’s where. There are two ways of doing this. Automation can be above and below ground. As you can guess, above the ground installation is easier and cheaper than below because it saves you the cost of excavation. The motor, which powers the gate, is installed above the ground where you can see it (if you like). When you do it below the ground, you need to dig a portion of the land to install the motor underground. But since you cannot see the motor, it looks nice and neat.

Now, there are mainly three types of electric gates—swinging, sliding and folding. But all of them work on powerful electric motors. And really, picking that is the challenge.

How Electric Gate Motors Work

Motors used for electric gates work alongside speed reducers. These are mechanical devices that are used either to multiply the torque and generate input power or to reduce the input power and control the speed.

The motors are connected to gears that control the speed of the gates. And this is crucial. Imagine the door shutting too soon behind the vehicle. That might give you a dent that was so not the point.

The Final Word

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