Videx door entry

VIDEX Door Entry System

Why choose a video door entry or video intercom system? Video Door Entry/ Video Intercom is best defined as a stand-alone intercom system used to manage access to your home or business. The audiovisual control allows homeowners and employees to monitor access from the inside. You can communicate but also identify the visitor before granting …

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The Importance of Engineering to Security Companies

How does engineering affect the operations of security companies? Engineering is a specialized field within the security industry. The specialized field is referred to as security engineering which deals with all possible security disruptions. Security engineers prevent and fight security failures due to natural disasters and malicious acts. For many years security design has played …

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Auto door opener

Automatic Door Openers

How safe and convenient are the entry- way doors of your business? Inconvenienced by the struggle of operating a heavy manual door? The time has come for you to consider an automated door system for your business. Servian supplies and installs quality automatic door openers for a wide range of doors. You can enjoy the …

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CCTV live view

The Importance of CCTV

Have you heard or have been advised to invest in a CCTV system? Take a minute to examine what a CCTV system is and how it would be relevant to your home or business security system. What is CCTV? It is a privately monitored TV system, primarily used for security and surveillance. The strategically placed …

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Automated gate requirements

Automated Gate Regulations for Advanced Safety Standards

The first hydraulic automated gates were constructed for reliability, security, and ease of use. The ability to generate high levels of torque made hydraulic motors preferred when operating large and heavy gates. These gate systems were first used at government installations and major companies. Due to the demand for automated gates to be used domestically, …

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