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Electric gates are a great solution for those who want high security on their premises, whether it is a residential space or commercial. We have many happy customers in the Surrey area.

Types of Electric Gates

Now, when you’re handling the security of such large spaces, there’s no one solution. So there are a few types of electric gates for you to consider like the type of automation, the material and the level of safety. So let’s dive into it.

Swinging Gates

This is the first type. It is the most popular and the easiest of all-electric gates in terms of installation. Typically, they are made of wrought iron which makes them heavy. Swing gates combine functionality with aesthetics quite well. Just because something needs to be safe doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. These gates can be operated using a strong motor using a switch or a button. The way it works is when you activate the motor, it releases energy that swings the gate open or closed depending on what you want. You can also add features like electric pulses and barbed wire to swing gates. Bear in mind that you need a fairly large driveway to account for the swinging of the gates.

The four main types of swing gates are

  1. Balustrade gates
  2. Welded mesh gates
  3. Palisade gates
  4. Ornamental automatic swing gates

Folding Gates

The second type is the folding gate or speed gate. This is relatively more compact and is made of many sheets of strong metal brought together. These sheets are stretched to make a protective layer around it when the gate is shut. Likewise, the sheets automatically fold together on the sides when the gate is open. It is powered by electricity and thanks to that the gate expands or contracts when it is activated.

These gates open and shut quickly which is something to watch out for. They are a preferred choice in places with limited access, it is for a few vehicles and is in a strict window of time. It works quite well for spaces like schools and banks, etc. which have floating traffic. The advantage of this design is that it takes lesser space than swing gates. So you don’t actually need a giant driveway simply to make room for your gates. These mainly metal gates are usually made of aluminium or galvanised steel.

Sliding Gates

The third most prominent type of electric gates is sliding gates. You’ve seen these. They have a chain and pulley and are on a platform with little wheels. There is a metal groove in the ground and the wheels move back and forth in there. Like swing gates, these are also powered by an electric motor. You can operate them using remote controls.  They are safer than swing gates because they are tougher to manually open. But they are also more expensive. You must have seen them in industrial parks. They are tough, made of wood or aluminium and can be a bit intimidating. Great for when space is limited.

Wrapping Up

Electric gates were considered a luxury once upon a time but are quickly becoming a preferred option for better security. They are useful, efficient and convenient. Some of the newer models also have motion sensors so you don’t need to shut them behind you. You can do quite a few of these tweaks to match your needs and style. They are tough and difficult to break open.

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