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For decades now we have seen the use of CCTV systems in our homes, small/medium sized businesses and corporate offices become ever more prominent. The increasing demand has been driven by our need and desire to monitor, secure and protect our most valuable assets – and rightly so. But surprisingly enough, only in the last few years have we seen a major shift in the technology of both domestic and commercial CCTV solutions as we switch from analogue to IP-based CCTV systems.

Advantages of an IP CCTV System

IP CCTV (Internet Protocol CCTV) Systems utilise first-rate product specifications and offer a wide range of additional capabilities specifically designed to improve the protection and security of your home, business or commercial property. With high-quality electronic surveillance that both receives and sends information via the internet, you’ll never again lose (or miss) vital footage that could make all the difference in terms of an insurance pay-out or prosecution of an offender, also, playback in recorded or real-time has never been easier or less time-consuming to manage. At Servian, our full range of high-quality CCTV IP solutions offers surveillance packages that provide round the clock monitoring and offer peace at mind.

There are multiple advantages of using IP-based CCTV systems to protect your assets. These CCTV cameras record in ultra-high resolution and allow you to capture high-quality footage that can zoom in without blurring the images. With this latest technology, it’s possible to identify individuals from a considerable distance and do so in low-light or during night-time. Also, with superior functionality in comparison to out-dated analogue systems, it’s never been easier to monitor, store and playback CCTV footage making for a far less pain-staking or time-consuming process when it comes to reviewing an incident.

Remote Access and Recording

CCTV IP Systems allow you to access footage via a web browser or pre-determined app. This enables you to easily view your surveillance in real-time or playback mode at your fingertips from a PC, Mac, Android, iOS-based smartphone or tablet worldwide offering you complete control.

Unlimited Number of Cameras

With no limit on the number of cameras that can be linked to your surveillance network, as long as you have sufficient broadband width or signal strength to the transmit the data, you can easily monitor throughout your business and across all commercial properties remotely from one or many locations.

High-Quality Video Images

CCTV IP cameras use a megapixel sensor that offers a significantly higher resolution quality than traditional analogue systems shooting between 2MP and 10MP. This allows you to digitally record with no quality loss when recording or viewing which can zoom-in and still capture in great detail.

Easy Video Recording and Management

CCTV IP systems are recorded in a digital format which makes for improved functionality when planning your video management. Playback is straightforward from both recorded and real-time data which can be viewed from any location worldwide with a suitable internet connection. CCTV IP also offers distinct features to help secure your business or commercial properties including audio & motion detection, tampering alarms, event management and more. You can even programme your surveillance for any specific event, and you can organise the data in any way that you require (event type, location of camera etc.).

Cost Effective for Home Owners and Businesses

Since minimal infrastructure is actually required for the installation and use of CCTV IP systems, they make for a cost-effective solution to the security of your assets. Most businesses and homes already have suitable networks in place and so the installation of the video network on an existing system can make the entire set-up relatively inexpensive for homeowners and small/medium sized businesses as well as larger corporate companies. Due to the fact that the CCTV IP system works regardless of the network size, all you need to do is the buy the number of cameras required for your unique purpose and then you can view the images on monitors that you already have and as well as mobile devices via the internet.

So, if you’re looking for a CCTV IP System to help monitor and protect your home, business, or commercial property, then this latest technology is a highly versatile and cost-effective solution as it can be utilised for any specific purpose that you may require. Whether that’s for basic security purposes or to monitor each and every business transaction that takes place on your premises, the CCTV IP System has a wide variety of applications.

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