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CCTV IP Systems

For decades we have seen the use of CCTV systems widely; however, it only in the recent years that there has been a shift from analogue CCTV systems to IP-based CCTV systems. IP CCTV cameras or internet protocol CCTV cameras are basically digital video cameras which are used for the purpose of electronic surveillance and can receive and send information via the Internet. CCTV IP systems can be installed in large corporate offices, small and medium businesses, and also in homes.

Advantages of CCTV IP

The advantages of using IP-based CCTV systems include superior picture quality and superior functionality.

Remote Access

CCTV IP Systems allow you to access them via a browser or pre-determined app. Real-time footage can be viewed on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS-based smartphones or tablets.

No Camera Limit

The CCTV IP System allows any number of cameras which can be linked to the network, as long as you have sufficient broadband or signal strength to transmit the data.

Quality of Image

A CCTV IP offers high resolutions of around between 2 MP and 10 MP. A CCTV IP System offers very high MP resolution of the image. All the images are digitally recorded so there is no quality loss while recording or viewing.

Video Management

Since the images are recorded in a digital format, you can playback the videos. Also, any recorded or real-time data can be viewed from any location. The system also offers features such as audio and motion detection, tampering alarms, event management, etc. The system can be programmed for any specific event and the data can be recorded and organised the way you require such as date, event type, the location of the camera, etc.

Cost Effective

Since there is not too much of infrastructure required for the installation and use of the CCTV IP System, they are quite a budget-friendly option. Most of the businesses and homes have some kind of a network in place which you can make use of to install a CCTV IP System. Setting up the video network on an existing system can make the entire setup inexpensive. Since the CCTV IP System can work regardless of the network size, all you need to do is buy the number of cameras required. You can view the images on a monitor or mobile phone via the Internet.

So, whether you’re looking for a CCTV IP System for your business or for use at home, the system is highly versatile and flexible. Be it for basic security purposes or to monitor each and every business transaction that occurs on the premises, a CCTV IP System has a variety of applications. Call our experienced team on 01329 241 740, or fill in the enquiry form below.

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