Automated Electric Gates in Beaulieu

Reliable electric gates are suitable for those who want to have high security on their property, whether it be a residential space or commercial space. We have many happy customers from Beaulieu for whom we have fitted our electric gates for.

Types of electric gates

Now when you’re dealing with the security of private spaces, there can be no one secret to it. This is why you’re advised to consider the level of security and type of usage that is required. There are several types of automated gates, including various automation, materials, and safety features. So let’s dive in deeper.

Swinging Gates

Swinging gates are the most popular and often the most affordable and practical gates among them all. Typically, they are made of wrought iron and they combine aesthetics with functionality. You can also add features such as electric pulses, and even barbed wire to ensure that your high-security gates work as desired. Swinging gates typically need larger areas to allow for the swinging of the gates.

The four types of swing gates are:

  • Balustrade gates
  • Welded mesh gates
  • Palisade gates
  • Ornamental automatic swing gates

Folding Gates

The second type is folding gates or speed gates. This is a compact style of gate, made of many sheets of strong metal brought together. There are three or more sections which are stretched to make a protective layer around it. When the gate is shut, these sheets automatically fold and overlap.

These gates will open and close quickly. It is designed for places with vehicular access. They work well for places like schools, banks, offices and sites that experience floating traffic. The obvious advantage of this design is that it takes less space than swinging gates. This type of gate is not only made of metals but also aluminium or galvanised steel.

Sliding Gates

The third most prominent type of electric gate is the sliding gate. There is a metal groove on the ground and the wheels move in and out of it. Swing gates, like this, are also powered by an electric motor. You can also operate them using remote controls.

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