Access Control & Door Entry - Overview

Access control and door entry systems are designed to control and monitor access into, out of and through areas of your building. There are many different types of door entry systems each suitable for a particular application. Door entry systems range from a single entry keypad, a single door call unit with a handset in reception to large multi-entrance video/audio systems.

There are also many different types of access control systems including PC based systems. Access control allows you to limit access to different areas of your building at different times, assign employees or visitors different access levels and much more.

One of the many advantages of having Servian Security and Gate Automation help with your access control and door entry system needs.

Access Control

  • Limits access to different areas of the building
  • Grants different security access levels
  • Allows access at designated times

Door Entry

  • Restricts unauthorised people from entering the building
  • Allows you to grant access without going to the door
  • Allows you to speak to the caller before granting access