Cantilever Gate

Residential Automated Gates

When was the last time you have driven past a home and noticed a beautifully designed wood or wrought iron gate? If you want to add to your home security and spruce up the curb appeal of your home; an automated gate system is without a doubt the way to go. Servian has all the information you need to choose the best gate system for your residence.

Follow the Growing Trend.

What used to be a luxury or an amenity for huge mansions or should we say larger homes can now be found in average neighbourhoods. Many consumers are choosing automatic gates for their trendy, attractive design, curb appeal, and added security. While these are all great reasons to invest in a gate system for your home, the best rationale would be security.

Automated gates protect family, pets, and belongings from would-be intruders. Prevents unfamiliar vehicle from having access to your property. Automatic gate entry is controllable from the comfort of your home or car. Conveniently, monitor the coming and going of technicians and delivery men. Communicate with visitors via intercom or gate telephone system. Invest in a CCTV system which gives you the ability to view your surroundings. Automatic gates put you in control of that extra layer of protection you need.

Two Common Types of Automated Gates.

Most security companies or installers of gate systems have seen a domestic demand for sliding and swing gates. Installers highly recommend these systems as the best choice for residential use.

Sliding Gates

Cantilever Gate

sliding gate system is prevalent in areas with limited space or steep incline. Sliding gates are easily automated, less expensive to customize and operational with the use of a single motor. This automated gate system is steadily growing in popularity due to its convenience.

Swinging Gates

Swing gate

Swing gates are the most popular choice for consumers when choosing an automated gate system. This automatic gate operates from hydraulic and electro- mechanical means. Swing gates are also suitable pedestrian gates.

Sliding and Swing automatic gates are customizable to suit your needs. Your installer will ensure you have the proper size gate for your property. Contact a Servian expert for a consultation today!

Material and Design

Most gates are wrought iron, aluminium, steel, and wood. Steel and iron are the most durable, aluminium are light, and the wood is a heavier material. The best part of the process is choosing the design.

  • Flat-top gate has a straight horizontal rail.
  • Arch-top is one of the most attractive designs. It has an elegant arched curve design.
  • Arch-top with finials, similar to the arch-top gate with the extended pickets have finial decorations.

Automated gates add elegance and curb appeal to your home. Inquire about converting your current manual gate to a more convenient automatic gate system. It is important to make the best choice when investing in automatic gates. You ultimately want to make the best decision with security as the primary factor. Contact the Servian experts for more information.