Remote 24-Hour CCTV Monitoring Service

With 24-hour CCTV monitoring in place, you can protect your home right around the clock. Gain true peace at mind knowing that your monitored alarm system is capable of contacting the relevant authorities in just a matter of seconds should any unwanted visitors trespass on your property whilst you’re away or busy at work.

Peace of Mind with 24-Hour Monitoring

Our top-of-the-line residential CCTV monitoring system is highly functional and can be pre-set to suit your specific security requirements. Simply, pre-establish instructions with your monitoring company and in the event of alarm activation, trained dispatchers will field your call accordingly to help secure your home.

Around the clock residential surveillance may sound a little extreme, but you can feel safe knowing that should an unexpected alarm trigger on your property, not only will your professional response team manage the situation for you, but with playback capabilities in recorded and real-time, you can stay on top of your household security all at your fingertips via a web browser or pre-determined app on your phone or PC.

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