A Wireless Domestic Intruder Alarm: The Best Protection for Your Home and Family.

A Wireless Domestic Intruder Alarm: The Best Protection for Your Home and Family.


Imagine arriving home from work, vacation or a family outing to find your home in shambles. There are one or two endings to this scenario. The intruder breaks into your house and gets away with your valuables. On the other hand, the opportunistic thief noticed the sign on your property indicating an alarm system protects the house. Whether you are at home or away, a break in can be a traumatic experience leaving you and your family feeling defenseless and violated. Protect yourself and your family with a residential wireless intruder alarm by Servian.

What is a domestic wireless intruder alarm system?

A domestic wireless intruder alarm is a system installed without the drilling of holes to run unsightly wires throughout your home. Most wireless systems utilize maintainable battery powered transmitters. A full wireless setup and monitoring protect you from a cut or frayed wires, power outages, and internet failure. Most home alarm systems are used to prevent burglaries; although, they do have additional functions

The features and benefits of Wireless Intruder Alarms.

  • No wiring.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Upgraded with more detectors, sensors, and cameras.
  • Conveniently relocated if you move your home or business.
  • Cost effective.

These are just a few of the features of owning a wireless alarm system. Alarm systems today are equipped to protect you and your family in additional ways. A system that incorporates fire prevention will detect the presence of smoke or fire and contact the authorities.

Carbon monoxide detectors are also a feature of home alarm systems. These sensors will detect carbon monoxide in the home and alert fire and paramedics.

Home camera systems provide visual documentation for police and ensure the burglar is apprehended. Homeowners have a record of stolen valuables and enable you to view your home remotely. Remote monitoring also lets you arm and disarm the wireless system, control lights, heating, and air.

Save more on homeowners insurance. Most insurance companies offer a discount to owners who have installed residential alarm systems. Insurance companies offer an increased discounts to customers who utilize a monitoring station.

There is serenity in home security.

Who does not want the peace of mind that comes with protecting their family? No longer do you have to rely on neighbors or a neighborhood watch for security. For the elderly and homeowners with children, the ability to deter intruders and safeguard them from other devastating occurrences makes a domestic intruder alarm system an asset. Servian is the best choice for your domestic wireless intruder system. The experts at Servian will put your mind at ease and have you well on your way to optimal home security.

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