Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Safety and security play an important role in our everyday lives. Safety ranges from the need of automated gates and doors to fire and security systems. An additional source of security is Nurse Call Systems for homes, assisted living and nursing facilities. As technology changes so should the methods of caring for the elderly and disabled.

What is a Nurse Call System?

A nurse call system is connected to a device called the nurse call button located at the bedside of a patient. When the button is activated a signal is sent to alert staff of a patient in distress. Nowadays, with the change in technology, the ability to care for those in need of care has changed considerably. The newer systems raise medical efficiency.

The evolution of nurse call systems.

New technological has improved the communication link between assisted living residents, patients, and caregivers. Technology has advanced nurse call systems to a higher standard providing increased safety and comfortability. Sensors now inform nurses and caregivers of life threatening and non- life threatening emergencies immediately. Installation of more up to date nurse call systems integrates cohesively with most computerized software. Newer systems are compatible with the following:

  • Security, fire, HVAC
  • Smoke and motion detection devices.
  • Desktop and computer consoles.
  • Remote monitoring.

The old remote control push button units that only signaled a room number are long gone. New transmitters are designed as small as a key fob that can be worn around the neck, arm or clipped to a belt. Devices are much more functional, updated units provide the following benefits:

  • Fall impact detection.
  • GPS
  • Elopement risks
  • Call assistance.

Nursing call systems are not just for assisted living facilities, hospice or hospital care. The call systems we know today give seniors and disabled adults the freedom they want and deserve.

A new found freedom.

Mobile alert devices were designed for those who wish to remain in their home for as long as possible. The mobile nurse call systems provide its users the ability to have an active lifestyle as well as physical and financial freedom. Built- in technology that detects falls, GPS locator for those who may suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. When or if these alerts are activated the signal is sent to the smartphone of healthcare providers, nurses, and caregivers. Consumers who choose to utilize these devices are more inclined to communicate any health complications to home nurses.

The benefits of upgrading nurse call systems.

Most clinicians support the systems opportunity to provide optimal assisted living and in- home care. Proactive and real- time alerts guarantee patient safety, quality of life, and caregiver satisfaction. For added safety, program nurse call systems to work in conjunction with home security systems to alert fire and medical in emergency situations.

In assisted living facilities patients have the freedom to roam freely inside and on the grounds. The duty nurse will receive an alert on their smartphone if there is an immediate emergency and inform them that a patient has left the bed or room.GPS will inform them of the exact location of the patient.

Ensure the safety and security of your patients or family member. Take the next step in upgrading or installing your nurse call system by contacting an expert. Servian technicians will advise you on the best options available for your assisted living facility or the home of a loved one.

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