Disable Refuge Communications Systems

Disable Refuge Communications Systems

Does your facility contain the required Disabled Refuge and EVCS (Emergency Voice Communications System)? Maybe you’re renovating a non-domestic building that needs an up to date Disabled Refuge Communications System. Servian will assist you in installing or upgrading a current system. The experts at Servian will guarantee your disabled refuge system meets UK regulatory standards.

What is a Disabled Refuge System?

A disabled refuge system is a waiting area for those with mobility limitations and those who are disabled. Including but not limited to those unable to walk a continuous 200m without aid. These safe areas are made available for people unable to use stairs, fire escapes, and evacuation lifts. Disabled refuge systems are not only used by people who are in a wheelchair. People with back and leg injuries, pregnant women in their sixth trimester of pregnancy are users of these safe rooms.It is imperative that disabled refuge systems are available in buildings with more than two stories and fully operational at all times.

Disabled Refuge EVCS System.

An Emergency Voice Communication System is a mandatory feature of the disabled refuge system. The EVC System is a monitored and maintained communications system that assists in the orderly evacuation and safety of the disabled. During emergency situations, an Emergency Voice Communication System enables incoming and outgoing communication as well as throughout the building. Another mandatory layer of safety for people in the building.

Do you need a disabled refuge EVCS system?

According to building regulations, new non- domestic buildings with two or more stories must provide a disabled refuge. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, requires disabled refuge systems to contain an EVCS system as an effective way for people to call for assistance. Two- way communication is essential in a disabled refuge. The EVCS System allows those inside to speak with the authorities and inform others that help is on the way. The safety and well-being of your employees, customers, and visitors should be priority number one. Contact Servian to confirm your Disabled Refuge Communications (EVCS) System meets all RRO and building standards.

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