Considering An Automated Gate System?

Considering An Automated Gate System?

Are you contemplating the installation of an automated gate for your business or residence? If so you are not alone. Many companies and homeowners are purchasing automatic gate systems not only for protection but for convenience. Servian can help you make the best possible decision to meet your security needs.

Why automated access gates?

An automatic access gate is your first line of defense for added security allowing you to control access to any area. There are many reasons why you should purchase an automatic access gate. Weighing your options and researching the features and benefits is the best place to start. Here are a few features and benefits to get you started:

  • Heightened security - Gates secure the perimeter of your business or home from criminials and apportunists.
  • Convenience - Automated gates allow you to come and go without having to exit your vehicle.
  • Automatic Locking System - No need for a key or to open a close gate. The has a self-locking system and opens and closes automatically.
  • Cut Costs- Automated gates eliminates the needs for manned security. Access is controlled through touch pad systems and key card readers. Intercom installation allows visitors to be buzzed in from the comfort of your office or residence.
  • Durability-Access gates are manufactured to be almost impenetrable and to withstand all weather conditions

Types of access gates.

There are six kinds of automated gates, although there are some basics you must consider when choosing your automated gate system. The most popular types of gates to choose from are…

  • Sliding Gate - One of the most commonly used automatic gate system. It slides horizontally across the gate opening. The rollers support the gate and slide along a metal rack.

  • Swing Gate - This type of gate is hinged and opens and closes like a door. They are designed to open to a 90-degree angle.

The other types of automatic gates are cantilever, vertical lift, vertical pivot lift, bi- folding, and barrier arm gate. Some gates are privy to city and state approval. Your Servian technician will provide you with all the information you need.

What kind of access gate is best for you?

When choosing an automated gate system, there are some additional features to consider. A major factor would be the overall size of the opening. It is important to be mindful of the amount of space available on all sides surrounding the gate. In rural areas where space is plentiful, any type of gate can be used. In neighborhoods and within city areas choices tend to be limited. The weight of your gate will be determined by the height, width and the materials such as steel, wood or aluminum. Opening and closing speed will be determined by need. A gate that opens and closes slowly may be optimal for a residential area but for businesses it can cause a security breach or encourage tailgating and long lines. Where will your gate be installed? Gates are designed to operate on a level grade. Gate operators that support an incline or decline will need to be taken into consideration during installation to avoid accessive wear and tear. Gates installed in residential areas where children are present must meet specified safety regulations. Is your access control system considered light- duty or heavy- duty? The light- duty gate will operate efficiently off of 110/120 VAC electrical power, whereas a heavy- duty gate needs 220/240 VAC electrical power. When weighing the option of light versus heavy duty, you must think about the weight and the frequency of use. Choosing the best automated gate system to suit your needs is a big decision. You don’t have to do it alone. The experts at Servian are available to assist you in making the best possible decision.

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