CCTV. An Added Security Solution.

CCTV. An Added Security Solution.


What is CCTV?

Closed circuit television or video surveillance is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal for monitoring or recording. This message is sent to a monitor, computer, television, and even a cell phone. CCTV is widespread in areas such as banks, airports, convenience stores, schools, homes or any place in need of security. This Servian Expert article is designed to arm you with the most valuable information to make the best decision possible.

CCTV? How will it benefit my home or business?

As we all know video surveillance is primarily used to deter and record criminal activity. These cameras keep a watchful eye over your business or residence 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You decide whether they run continuously or at certain times of the day. They are an enthusiastic witness to any and all activities within its range. CCTV is not just used for security but also for events and homecare. More advanced systems provide DVR recording, motion detection, and email alerts for many years.

Keep an eye on employees.

Closed circuit tv enables you to monitor all in business operations. Some systems allow operators to search for specific events by date and time, operator behavior or by statistical evaluation. Listed below are a few actions an employer may wish to monitor.

  • Cash Handling
  • Shipping and receiving of merchandise.
  • The kitchen and cash office of restaurants.
  • Activities of employees in departments in need of hight security.

The appropriate software predicts deviations from the regular business operations. Thus keeping management informed of any fraudulent behavior.

Residential CCTV Systems.

You may live in a peaceful, family oriented community; these are the neighborhoods that are targeted by criminals. You are not the first to consider installing an in- home surveillance system. In-home monitoring systems have been popular for many years and are a smart way to secure your home. They were first offered and installed by security companies as part of a package deal. Here are the reasons why home video surveillance is a good choice.

  • Intruders are discouraged by cameras.
  • A clear view of your surroundings.
  • Peace of mind that your family and personal effects are safe.
  • Live and recorded feeds are viewed on any device from anywhere.

Millions of home owners world- wide have added CCTV systems to their methods of securing their homes. The next step would be to choose the security system that will meet your needs. Servian can provide you with the best IP or Analogue HD CCTV systems.

What is CCTV IP?

Internet protocol video cameras broadcast digital video stream over an IP network. The video is capable of being recorded on a hard drive. IP video streams directly from the camera enabling the flexibility of how and where the video is recorded and stored. Servian certified technicians will replace your DVR with a Network Video Recorder, in most cases, it is as simple as installing software. IP CCTV systems offer exceptional picture quality and can run over existing internet protocol networks, reducing costs and installation time. Contact Servian for information about their many CCTV IP systems, cameras and NVR’s.

Analogue CCTV.

Traditional analogue CCTV systems sent video transmissions to a DVR recorder where it is digitised and stored on a hard drive. DVR’s are a network that is accessed remotely from LAN, WAN or the internet. Servian offers Analogue CCTV in HD, no more grainy or blurry video. High definition analogue closed circuit video provides crystal clear picture quality. Analogue CCTV has advanced significantly over the years. Servian technicians will upgrade your existing analogue system.

Which CCTV System is best for me?

When considering which CCTV system is best for your home or business, it is imperative to think about convenience and efficiency. Think about where you will install the cameras and their purpose. Be sure the system you use gives you the peace of mind you need to secure your property. Travelling away on vacation? Servian also offers virtual 24-hour monitoring. Their trained dispatchers will keep a watch over your home and business when you cannot. Contact the experts at Servian today for your consultation and a complete peace of mind.

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