Analyzing Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Analyzing Commercial Fire Detection Systems

As a business owner, you are probably contemplating installing or upgrading your current fire detection system. When was the last time you performed a fire risk assessment in the workplace? The safety of your employees and customers should be your number one priority. In this article, Servian will provide you with enough information to make the right decision for your peace of mind.

What is a commercial fire detection system?

A commercial fire detection system is devices working togeather to detect and warn people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies arise. These warning indicators can be audio or visual. Early detection whether human or through your fire detection system can not only save lives; it can prevent significant loss of assets. Commercial fire detection systems are designed to alert you and your employees to an existing emergency by manual or automatic activation. When activated the alarm will send a signal to the fire department or another emergency monitoring center.

Hard- wired v.s Radio commercial fire detection system.

Your primary goal when choosing a fire detection system is to identify a fire quickly. A few key factors to take into consideration when selecting your commercial fire detection system are the following.

  • Convenience
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Size of business
  • Cost

Which type of commercial fire detection system will work best for your business? How many times a year do you find yourself purchasing batteries for your current smoke detectors?

Investing in a hard- wired fire detection system will cut these costs. The Servian fire experts will wire the smoke detectors into the electrical system of your business. A hard- wired commercial fire detection system will minimize the risk of forgotten battery changes. A non-addressable system is a primary hard- wired commercial fire system. It will alert you as to the general location of the emergency when wired according to zones. An addressable hard- wired system will provide you with the unique address showing which device is activated. The address on your control panel coincides with the exact location of the fire. For a larger, system panels may be networked. A hard- wired system is suitable for small or large commercial businesses.

Radio fire alarm is another system available for your business. A commercial radio fire detection system is a wireless addressable system. The system is equal to a wired system with the minimal possibility of disruptions, running wires and drilling of holes. Wireless fire alarm systems operate at low power levels and over frequency bands. Servian experts will install and customize the radio fire detection system where wired systems are impossible and when time is of the essence.Radio fire alarm systems are suitable for small, large and multi- building companies.

The brain of your fire detection system.

The control panel is the ‘brain’ of the fire detection system. Receiving notifications and alerting occupants of an emergency is its primary role. Once a device has been activated the control panel will trigger an audio or visual alarm. There are different audio types to choose from; bells are the most familiar alarm sound. You may want horns which are much louder or for a softer tone you may prefer chimes. Speakers give business owners the ability to record voice announcements alerting employees and customers of an emergency and evacuation procedures. Visual signals are most familiar in building with high noise levels. The strobe and flashing lights are a great emergency alert system to install where the hearing impaired frequently visit.

Another core function of the control panel is the emergency response notification. Servian will assist you with connecting your commercial fire detection system with a monitoring center. Control centers are usually open 24 hours a day. In some cases, the monitoring station may be the local authorities. Contact Servian experts for more information on the best commercial fire detection system for your business needs.

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