Access Control and Door Entry Systems


Access Control and Door Entry Systems

As we continue to evolve in this technologically driven world, the days of lock and key access is over. In pursuit of convenience and heightened security, access control and door entry systems are the best choices. Protecting your business is just as essential as protecting your home and family. Why not start protecting your future today?

Why access monitoring and door entry systems?

Are you tired of fumbling through a ring of keys? How many keys have you broken, lost or have failed to retrieve from an old employee? Concerned about crafty criminals and opportunists, picking locks and copying keys? It is time for a more technologically advanced security system.

Electronic access control is a computerized method of protecting your business, employees and their belongings. Take a look at a few of the features of access control:

  • Automated access is ideal for remote viewing and tracking.
  • Programmable for different security levels.
  • Time controlled access.
  • Restricts unauthorized entry.
  • Logs employee entry into and throughout areas of the building.

Traditional lock and key security do not offer these options.

Who benefits from access control security systems?

All business, small, medium and large has a need to be protected. There is a need to protect not only assets but also employees. No more worrying about a door left unlocked due to an absent-minded employee or due to daily traffic. Installation of automatic door openers and tokens will give you the security you need and a peace of mind.

The ability to own an automatic locking system that grants access through the use of a token, PIN or by speaking to the caller without leaving your desk makes for a more secure workplace. Restrict access to unauthorized individuals, employees who have left the company and deactivated personal identification numbers.

Once Servian installs your access control system, all doors will automatically lock when closed. Pin and token access are the only acceptable methods of access to your establishment. Programmable control of user access rights. Keep sensitive information secure by restricting and monitoring entry to specific rooms, departments or during certain dates and times. Access control gives you the capability to stay a step ahead of your business security management by ensuring the security you need.

InVentry Security Software

Inventry is the most forward thinking security and visitor management software available. InVentry keeps you and your company ahead of the curve. Technical experts have implemented the following features that are a necessity to Servian clients.

  • Fully Encrypted Database
  • DBS Check Integration
  • Visitor Sign In and Badge Printing
  • Visitor Memory Database
  • Staff Notification
  • Easy to Use Touchscreen
  • Time Card Printing

Inventry provides all of these features and much more. The user-friendly software seamlessly integrates with your current management information system. Inventry is a fully functioning standalone system created to work in conjunction with most SIMS/MIS.

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Contact Servian; a company dedicated to providing the BEST and most appropriate equipment for your needs. A company with a highly trained staff committed to first class service. Servian offers a complete solution to integrate any fire and security system. Determined to include enhanced business efficiencies is paramount. To find out which system is best for you review our products and services or ask the experts.

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