24- Hour Intruder Alarm ARC Monitoring

24- Hour Intruder Alarm ARC Monitoring


Intruder alarms can be an asset to your business and necessary protection for your home. What good is an unmonitored intruder alarm? The sound of the intruder alarm may not deter the burglar, or the alarm may be accidentally triggered. In some cases of intrusion, there may be an instance where the alarm does not sound at all. Whatever the occurrence, is someone available to assist when your intruder alarm is activated?

Alarm Receiving Centers Holds The Key.

Find peace of mind for your home or business when choosing a monitoring facility. In particular, ARCs, perform a central and critical role in the intruder alarm sector. Activations route through the alarm activation center for review before being routed to the proper authorities.

Monitoring facilities are resistant to power outages, physical attack, and system failures. Virtually impenetrable, they guarantee continuous support and backup service to your home or business. When your alarm is triggered, the ARC receives the signal where agents check for false activations. Once confirmed there is an actual emergency all representatives direct all information to the proper authorities. The quick and efficient emergency service you can count on!

There are tools that you want to add to your existing intruder alarm system for added security.

  • ARC 24-hour monitored alarm system with keyholder and emergency response.
  • Panic alarm with keyholder response.
  • Professional keyholder service is available via the ARC

Everyone wants to protect his or her home and business from opportunists. You can not stand guard 24 hours a day seven days a week. We all have a life to live. So, why not choose an Alarm Receiving Centre to watch your home or business for you. Servian experts will assess your monitoring needs and point you in the right direction.

ARC Friendly Alarm Signals

Digital Communicators transmit an alarm signal in the same manner as a computer modem from the residence. Landline, public telephone switch network and cellular phone are necessary to identify the premises at risk. Although, the phone line must be fully operational for the ARC to receive an alert.

DualCom GPRS is a signaling device for intruder alarms. It uses a Vodafone network, your telephone or IP path transmits intruder signals at high speeds. Additional benefits of the DualCom GPRS are as follows.

  • Dual signaling which is preferred by police and insurance companies.
  • Reports signaling path failure.
  • Shared with existing telephone line and network.
  • Meets low and high-risk insurance grades.
  • Insurance companies prefer dual signaling.
  • Provided fully programmed.

You want your alarm systems to be continuously monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre. For ultimate protection choose RedCARE GSM. The highest security grade for safety and protection of your assets. The primary system transmits a continuous signal using a standard phone line; beneficial for normal voice and broadband services. This system will continue to send a message even if the phone line is cut or damaged. RedCARE works below the sound frequency spectrum avoiding phone call interference. Additional features are:

  • No other phone lines needed.
  • High-speed alarm signal.
  • Instantly detects cut phone line.
  • No added charges.

Hiring an Alarm Receiving Centre is the best investment you can make when seeking to secure your home or business. Providing you with the best and most vigilant security is the ARC’s top priority. Call the experts at Servian and start protecting yourself today.

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