Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call is a generic term used for a call system that would normally be used in a premises where a means of alerting a member of staff to an emergency whether this is a medical or warning is required.

The systems are generally used in care homes and nursing homes where a monitored means of alerting the staff to a situation is paramount.

The control unit will normally be set up to uniquely identify the location of the activation, ie room number/ bed number.

A number of different types of call units can be installed to suit the particular needs, these can range from pull cords at bedsides or in WC area’s to Infrared receivers to provide wireless staff assistance.

3 types of system are available each with their own attributes.

Conventionally wired systems require a cable to be installed to each device and would generally be installed in a smaller premises.

Addressable systems are wired systems with each device having its own unique address and unique text.

Wireless systems are ideal where the system maybe a retrofit each device as the addressable system has its own unique address and text.

As with all warning systems Nurse Call systems should have a preventative maintenance visit at least once per annum where the system is tested fully to ensure it is operating correctly.

At Servian Fire & Security Services Ltd we are able to offer all services from a design and installation of a new system to providing a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for an existing system.

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