Redcare GSM®


Redcare GSM is a Grade 4 signalling system and offers the highest level of protection you can buy.

  • The BT phone line on which your Redcare GSM operates is monitored constantly
  • If the line is cut or there is a fault on the line this is signalled to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) within
    just 40 seconds
  • Every two minutes Redcare GSM also checks that the alarm on your property is working
  • Redcare GSM also benefits from being a ‘dual path’ system; the main BT telephone line on which Redcare GSM operates is the ‘primary path’
  • Redcare GSM also provides the reassurance of a backup link
  • Have complete peace of mind knowing that if intruders enter your property, a signal will quickly be sent to the ARC,
    and the emergency services alerted

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